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An exciting alternative to wool is velvet, which is very popular with fashion designers when it comes to making their fall fashion line. 

Velvet can be used in almost any piece of clothing, from muffs to sweaters and leggings to coats. Velvet has an unmistakable feel due to the unique way in which it is made - it is a soft pile fabric with a very high thread count. Many people prefer velvet because of its rich appearance and soft texture.

Velvet fabric tends to wrap the body, trapping your body heat and making you feel warm. For women who may be attending a gala event during the winter, velvet dresses provide an array of colors and cuts while offering protection from the chill night air. A velvet gown is often warm enough that additional coverage, such as a coat or cloak, becomes unnecessary.

With fall in full swing, it's important that you keep wool and velvet clothing on hand. On the most bitter of days, you can face the weather with a velvet sweater and a wool coat, or snuggle by the fire wearing a simple velvet top and a pair of jeans. While wool is popular for everyday wear, velvet is the choice for more formal celebrations.

Whichever you choose, you'll be warm. How much more dreary and difficult would winter be if not for those gorgeous cashmere sweaters that everyone loves or the always sturdy and reliable wool coat dressed up with a lovely velvet scarf? Your winter wardrobe is probably filled with sweaters and scarves made from a variety of fabrics, but if you really want to be warm, then velvet and wool are the must-haves.


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